July - Sockeye and Fair season!

As summer spins along, we are busy checking off the list, preparing for yes, winter. Wood shed full, check. Sockeye into freezer, check, water the garden, check, take the kids camping, check.

June is summer?

Well, here we are at the June summer solstice. I think we have had a total of 4 or 5 days that the sun has made it warmer outside temp than inside temp at my house. . . We did enjoy a fishing with kids Father's Day,  one sunny weekend, the 23rd, and now watching the rivers flood due to the hot days. The stored snows in the mountains are rapidly melting causing river bank level flows and even flooding to private proeprties and roadways. It should ease now that the cloudy cool weather is back.

May in Haines 2012

May was cancelled due to lingering snow/winter conditions and low daily temps. Has been rescheduled for next month.

No April Fools!

Don't be a fool, Get outside and enjoy the sunny warm weather!!  We have had much sun and good weather to pull the locals out of winter mode. Fishing is happening on the Chilkat River for Dolly Varden and I hear a Steelhead or two!  Our family enjoyed a day of snowmachine hunting for a few Ptarmigan then casting for Dolly's last Sunday, all on a beautifual warm and sunny spring day. That is living the good life as far as I am concerned.

March madness

We have plenty of snow on the ground for good spring play, but it also means that the boats are going to take a while to melt out. The sunlight and good weather have given everyone spring fever, some folks are getting their gardens ready, inside that is. With 4-5 feet of packed snow on the ground, it may be a while until these folks can transplant outside.. the record snowfall, near 300" on the season will have its lasting effects this spring!

January 2012

Happy to see the sun coming back. I can now tell that we are rushing away from the winter solstice and towards spring! A few sunny days now in a row, with  temps near zero. If you can get out of the wind it is not too cold for short outings. We took the kids out to cross sountry ski on the Chilkoot State Park road last weekend. You need a good 9 am start to catch any sun there this time of year, we chased it right to the lake, and never quite caught up with it. 

Home for the Holidays


September's spoils

Oh, my, where has the summer gone? Always seems so short, with the backdrop lowering a new screen of white capped mountains and cool, brisk fall weather. It is really one of my favorite times of the year as it is Hunting Season! I save up all my vacation time each year, ha, to use for scouting, searching ,scouring, looking, seeking, hoping to find a moose to fit in the freezer around the sockeye and halibut. We have some activity at the office on new sales, new listings and buyers checking in on various properties.

Solstice sunlight

We have been reading the same weather forecast for a couple of weeks now. Mostly cloudy, chance of showers. Each day has been mostly sunny, after the fact. We did have a rain event Saturday night, a big camping night for the Kluane Chilkat bike racers, and some other adventurous souls we found exploring the upper Chilkat River. I was impressed to find another family with their own jetboat, searching for a dry spot to park it, with a kids younger than mine!

Memorial Day Update

Busy weekend in Haines. The annual Brewfest was host to hundreds of visitors. We were too busy moving and garage sale-ing to tie up our day so early with this lovely distraction. .  We are scheduled to close on our own house sale this Thursday, and we have been busy trying to sort and move 10+ years + two kids accumulation of STUFF. Good stuff, or bad stuff, it's still our stuff to deal with. I never used to need so much stuff...

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